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The purpose of an observatory is to connect to the universe that surrounds us. To place an observatory in Roccascalegna Castle further accentuates the entanglement of man with the earth, time, and the powers that are beyond our reach. The goal of our proposal was to capture the original form of the castle and overbearing beauty of the surrounding landscape and night sky, creating a stronger connection between man made and earth formed. All of the living quarters and commodities are connected in a loop creating a complex that everyone can share. Each short lived or long stay resident can experience the stars publicly on the sky bridge or privately in the comfort of their quarters. While the intent of the observatory is for views of the night sky, the shape of the castle is celebrated by using it’s walls to define the complex shape. Ultimately, visitors are encouraged to mingle with strangers, explore a landscape worn by time, and become engulfed by the vastness of the night sky we all share.

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